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Muttom (Tamil:முட்டம்) is one of a big village in Kanyakumari District of the Tamil Nadu State, India.


It is well known for beautiful beach with some rocks and caves. The major occupation of people in Muttom is fishing. Muttom village is attracted by visitors because of its beautiful beach.[1] More than hundreds of people come to the beach every day and spending their time on the beach shore. Muttom harbor work has been under construction for last 3 years and was expected to be completed before end of 2014


Muttom sports a beautiful and tidy beach. Huge rocks standing at either sides of the beach give the beach a pristine look. Since the beach is usually less crowded, it makes an excellent spot for tourists to enjoy its beauty. There is also a children's park and a Christian retreat centre called the 'Rock Bible centre' just in view of the beach.


More than 99 percent of the village are Christians and they do a variety of jobs. Majority of the people are fishermen who do fishing related works. Most of the people are educated at least to the school level. As most of the residents are Catholics, it has a catholic administration committee which is elected democratically and headed by theparish priest of the All Saints Church.

The Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple is one of the founding stones of the Jain religion. Currently the Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple is under the purview and care of Archeological Survey of India. According to research, in 1003 AD, King Raja Raja Chola celebrated his birthday here. He conquered Muttom, and named Mummudi Chola Nalloor as stated in the stone carvings available in the temple. Around the eighth century AD an ascetic named Veeranandi came from Thirunarunkondai Melappalli and stayed here to preach Jainism.