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Which are the popular local food items in Kanyakumari ?


This is what Kanyakumari is all about, for the foodies, of course. But even the not-so-foodies will not be able to turn away from the sight and the aroma of such delicacies. Try it and take back a little part of Kanyakumari with you.


Coconut Rice

The already known, important but plain rice is given a coconut twist in Kanyakumari with this dish. The thinly grated strands of fresh coconut blend share the same abode of rice with the crunchy cashews and the spicy green chillies. As the light, nutritious, colourful preparation in the shape of a dome graces the green banana leaf it is a sight worth admiring for an eternity but the aroma of the cumin and the coconut is hard to resist and the next second, you will be taking a spoonful and admiring the taste also.

Meen Kolumbu

Coconut seem to be everywhere, from the seaside grooves to the basket in the kitchen of Kanyakumari. And when tamarind, yes, the famous South Indian tamarind combines with the coconut and poppy seeds to cook a  tangy-coconutty-aromatic fish curry, you can imagine the effect it will have on you. The taste of the place will come alive and you will not want to stop ordering the same dish. You might want to bring a friend along to have this dish. There are chances that you will need someone to pull you up from your table!


Yes, coconut again, as expected. But this time it is with vegetables, including banana, drumsticks, carrot among others. Packed with all the nutrients of the town, this dish will win the heart of every vegetarian. Have it with piping hot rice and give yourself a treat.

With dishes to delight every tourist, Kanyakumari is a foodie’s heaven as it a pilgrim’s. The distinct taste that is hidden in the kitchens of the local households seem to welcome you with open arms. Embrace it and savour the aroma of Kanyakumari.

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