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Kanyakumari – A Coast at the Mercy of Human Nature


Nagercoil. June 5. On a trip to Manakudi through Chothavilai, Annainager & Pallam, our hopes were shattered by the waves that had the sand dunes swept into the sea, totally redefining what used to be an  funfilled (almost private) beach some time ago. Further down the road, between Pallam and Manakudi, half a kilometer long stretch of  the shore has been turned into a yard for solid wastes. In Kanyakumari District, CRZ does exist like our Urbanity, on Paper. Everything else is a joke.

In CRZ areas, there is no restriction on the traditional fishing and allied activities undertaken by local communities. In Kanyakumari’s though, there seems to be no restriction on anyhing, what so ever. Here, everthing goes, from dumping of all kinds of wastes, defecating on the beach, sand mining (till some time ago!) simultaneously promoting tourism, for which the beaches are the chief attraction & harresment in equal terms, without the basic tourism necessities.