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மகாவிஷ்ணுவின் அவதாரம் என்று கூறப்படும் பரசுராமர், 108 சிவாலயங்களையும், 108 பகவதி அம்மன் கோவில்களையும் நிறுவியதாக கூறப்படும் இடம் இன்றைய கேரளா.

Thalakudi also read as Thazhakudy is a panchayat town in Kanniyakumari district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This village is situated between 2 rivers "Puthanaar" and "Palaiyaar". There are also few temples in and around Thazhakudy. Avvaiyar Amman temple is one among them which is 2 km towards East from Thazhakudy.

Aadi Masam is an important month in Tamil Calendar and numerous rituals are observed in the month. The Tuesdays in the month are considered highly auspicious and special prayers are offered to Goddesses in Hindu pantheon on the day. Thousands of devotees visit the 300 year-old Avvayar Amman temple near Nagercoil in Kannyakumari district on Tuesdays in the Aadi month.

Unmarried women observe special pujas here for early marriage. Couples who have no children offer prayers and pujas for begetting children.

A special dish made from rice flour and coconut is offered on the day here during the auspicious days.





கன்னியாகுமரி விவேகானந்தபுரத்தில் உள்ள விவேகானந்த கேந்திரா வளாக முகப்பில் ராமாயண தரிசன கூடம் அமைக்கும் பணி நடந் து வ ரு கி றது.

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